The Eggs are first!


Since April of 2016 I’ve taught myself the art of raising chickens.Several weeks ago the first-ever eggs were layed .Winter is here and Cockadoodle doo .

May God bless you as you enjoy my short clip olof my flock egg layers.

Seems video clips aren’t there.if I can figure it out live follow ya.



Peaceful Valley

I want to thank each of the readers n followers of the Hobo Univercity. I’ve just reached 4 year anniversary with my blog and this addictive blogging stuff. I never dreamed it would become an obsession n ritual but thanks to all my supporting friends n readers I now operate a website n drawing interests into things in life n living once again.

The biggest thanks goes to Jesus for being here in spirit specially when I’ve needed him most. All the prayers n answered requests of guidance n just nudging me along at times I thought I’d never write another post. Being thankful for just being able to see another sunrise n sunset. Thank you Jesus.

Thanks to Ma Hope my wonderful wife for putting up with all my mood swings n writing slumps for motivating me when I needed it most. For the guidance n patience a caring woman she is offers at times even a cattle prods of advices n ideas. Live endures all it is said well she is proof of just that. How do you repay somebody for all the kindness n good they provide. It is immeasurable the amount of dollars I owe each one of you. May God’s  light shine down this day n always to each n everyone of us working the trenches n internet blogs n all the good you are trying to incur in a dismal undeserving world we live in. Someday soon I pray we live in peaceful harmony with our neighbors n adversaries in such a way as to unify a world to a peaceful beginnings and never ceasing in life living for love for us all equally .

Happy Holiday Cheers,

General Bebo/pastor

Hobo Univercity’s Missions

For Jesus

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

-inbox-play-frontend-images-sticker-packs-2-LI_111We did it finally. Oh the sweet taste of victory and leavi nvm g behind all to be the champions of the World. Oh to be a child once again and know My hometeam is on top. 58 years ago when i was just a bisride from Wrigley field to this fine day was well worth the wait for the victory we succumbed in Cleveland as our Chicago Cubs finished the series on Top of the Majors as #1. Congratulations Cubs. For a job well done.
In his service,
General BT Hope/

Cubs are down. Not out.

Couldn’t find a good baby bear(cub) picture thus the baby tiger cub will do the trick here. Did anyone see the game. We lost. 1-0 to dem dang INDIANS from Ohio. Nothing but pitching. Goodness they host some talent in a World Series only one team will be the champion. The best of the major leagues will be at it again tonight no doubt as the northerners host the 4th game of 7. It is the time of the cub. I think it all in Cleveland to save us from Tearing Wrigleys Field down when we do win the series. We R here n no turning back time we will.just have to watch email duke it out. Since moving away several times from Chicago n endured the last 39 years (58 really but feel 40) rooting. Go Cubs Go. My cousin a cardinal fan sayin they was eating cub steaks well it’s illegal to do that n he was a sore sport even as I ate my Cardinal Stew.

Just hold on to your seats as I do believe I do believe in Champion world series Cubs.

1 Believe in yourself
Go Cubs Go

My Thunder Rolls…


My true and faithful all through my life you have my heart and soul how do I know,thank you.
I  pray this day your healing power touches Sandy. Her back pain, her feet, depression. Please lift my mission to you Jesus. As it has grown I have learned as your humble servant to listen, hear your voice. The thunder rolls, this mighty soldier is ready at your call Jesus. I seek only Satan, so many imitations of him through the demons of his world,not mine.
I feel your hand upon me, your rock I build your Homeward Bound take my golden heart n this Holy Ground I walk upon and give it life through me Lord.
The body ripe roll, the grapes of your wrath will be over in a heartbeat. These hills mark my family and its ancestral right. I know something telling my soul to keep on this trail. Untimely to onlookers protect and lift me through these songs I sing. Hallelujah, Jesus, Hallelujah,Heaven.
Praise be to you,forever let my light so shine!
Thank you Jesus!
General Bebo T. Hope 2016′Photo(3)

I really do miss you

cropped-candle.jpgThis day is the day that the. LORD HAS MADE. We must rejoice n be glad in it.Psalms 118:24

My GOD he is an awesome GOD. He is there always. As we approach Fall season here in the central MISSOURI area the Lake of the Ozarks is ready to change colors as the leaves turn their many vibrant colors it is such a hand of GOD using his paint brush across the oak walnut n other varieties of trees always amazing the viewers I included and as if by design the leaves begin to die  on this final journey of its harvest be it walnuts. Or the acorn of the oak it’s soul purpose to produce a seed so it might grow more mighty trees.

We take for granted the life of our world. It’s been here along time we are just visiting for a short moment. Without nature doin the work of producing oxygen for us to breathe and we in turn produce carbon monoxide gases which feeds the green trees n plants that must have this poisonous gas to you n I but a life sustaining role in this world.

Pushing seven billion lives to extremes with all we do to make our world liveable. You think our GOD cares? Yes he does he has giving mankind a world with every need we have right in front of us. The one ingredient missing is universal love n harmony. Where together a society of peaceful and loving ways could solve all its problems. Together we must build a better today for tomorrow. And to utilize our resources I believe we can cure diseases such as war. Famine. Poverty. Drug Addictions. Even the common cold with over 200 random strands of the deadly  virus is still under the microscope for cures.

Stop look around us people. Together we must decide soon. I know which directions I ‘ll choose that’s life with one GOD one church  n when eternity gets here one King Jesus.

How much would it cost. Especially if we were all in this together. I have six wonderful children .Five grandchildren all who live life and GOD in their lives.Whoever gets a seat  in Washington,D.C. as our leader hopefully the GOD we have will be the same.

There’s a  Cat. Stevens song makin a comeback called ” Peace Train ” I’ve been tracking my brains n work in out the details for a real live Peace Train turnout God’s land. Keep me in your prayers and thoughts as is on the case.


General Bebo t Hope

Pastor /Hobo Univercity’s Missions for Jesus

111 High Street

Climax Springs, MISSOURI  65324

P.S.  your help is wanted to help my mission n those I serve. GOD BlessFlowering trees

Home Sweet Home…

let peace begin this day, let it begin with you !

Today is the day that the Lord hath made we must rejoice n be glad in it. Psalms 118:24 found my missing website. Long story n I’m hungry for beef n root beer float. I’ve lost several wives up at that WalMarts but never my website for Jesus. Thank you Jesus n who all helped gettin the university back on its feet again. Was lost but now she’s found. I see clearly now where is my pencil sharpener n briefcase w crackers n chewing gum. Well pray for peace on earth n let it begin with you n I .Cubs got a job ahead of them ball bats hey Chicago lets clean up that north side n make a winner out of us yet. Ernie would have had a day n go cubs go…..all the way.

God is in the House








Created with Nokia Refocus
Created with Nokia Refocus



End of the month. Here comes summer’s end. The 21st September I reckon is first day of autumn here in the hills n byways of the Ozarks.

Tryin to get to the bottom of things like the last sip milk I member that sip good. A homemade apple 🍎 dumplin cake. With cinnamon roll icing. Gained few calories just rethankin that after dinner aftif. Summer of 2016 will b historical for years to come. I shoulda ate more ice cream n watermelons maybe next year.cropped-fb_20140102_23_28_59_saved_picture.jpg

is the sunsettin or risin. All u science scholars orta know it ain’t a doin a thang we earthrock are guilty of turnin the world upside right by our revolutions of rocks not people.haha

can you change anything by dreamin n writing stuff n sleepin till noon most days. Well,yeah I did finish the chicken coop pictures no doubt comin to Better Coops n Gardens fall issue. Can’t get no  eggs out of Dem chickens yet. I spoke to them accordingly to avert a trip to the drive thru at Kentucky fried chicken.



Food for summer. Wow. Of all my cookins n bbqs n stuff I did invent in my kitchen pizza from the upper crust. The one at top is a Sicilian Italian Sausage w jalepeno n scallions n mozzarrella melted on top. Mmm. Wish u coulda been here. No I ate the whole thing. Hahaha…

built a smoker for smokin meats n chicken n sorts like a stray deer loin. Secret…Oak   with green watersoaked branches n logs. Roast n smokes meat slower better mm mm Good pork Sammy w homemade BBQ sauce. Corn on cob French fries n pie. Any kind goes good after my BBQ. As Julia would say bon apetite.

One last thought. How many Cubs do it take to win this day.? Nine n one more run than the other team.



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Welcome to Hobo University | by dj denim Welcome to Hobo University | by dj denim

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Heath Harris


Welcome to Hobo University

Sign says” “hoe bow ‘b.s.’ u knee virse sity”. Part of the main stage display in the works along the North Riverfront, Saint Louis.

Kaleb Osaka, Affable Jones & Composite Smith, and anitamhsieh faved this

☆ peat ☆ 7y

I need to get down there and see this B.s.

Heath Harris 7y

For real. This guy is new in town and has some great ideas. He told me to send people his way.

RØB Severson 7y

Is this intended to be a permanent setup? I am more intrigued than you might imagine! What else can you tell me about it?

Heath Harris 7y

Pancake, yes, it is this guy’s vision to establish a school in this building. He says he is talking with the owner.

Keep in mind this is my interpretation of the project. The best idea is to take up The Amish Hobo on his invitation to interested parties to pay him a visit – just north of 1st and O’fallon streets.

From what I gathered in our exchange, Jeremiah wants to bring together the skills and knowledge of country folk, the Amish for example, with the resources of the city. He talked about living simply for the earth, that the hobo lifestyle has much to teach our society about how to utilize increasingly limited resources.

He wants to give a voice to homeless (but he does not like that word – he prefers Hobo, which apparently comes from the term “homeward bound”. Bikes and bike trailers are an important piece of the university, as they will empower folks without the resources to own a car to be mobile and acquire the recyclable castoff stuff needed to build the university, while reaching out to a wider geographical area.

The plan also includes urban farming, and reintroducing basic human knowledge to a generation that may be the first in history to not know how to feed themselves without supermarkets and microwaves.

All of this is wrapped up in a rather lighthearted approach, with humor and art as the platform for spreading the word. When I spoke with him, Jeremiah seemed to be all there. He has chosen to come to Saint Louis (fairly recently) to establish this operation. I think he knows what he is doing, and I just want to lend what help I can by introducing Hobo University to those who might be curious via Flickr, etc. I have always found Saint Louisans to be a welcoming people, so if you are interested enough to still be reading this, go say Hi!

RØB Severson 7y

Yeah I love the idea. A friend and I have been planning a technology-free “hobo trip” for awhile now, this feller could almost certainly offer a wealth of useful information. Is he really Amish?

Heath Harris 7y

Half-Amish, Full-blooded Hobo. He is living just behind the stage area in the photo above. If you see his bike with trailer, he should be around. Just ask for Jeremiah.

chocolate alaska (deleted) 6y

i’m enrolling for spring semester! i came by here with some friends to talk to him this past summer since it looked welcoming — he’s definitely a very interesting guy, and, i’d agree, he seemed ‘all there’. just fed up with the BS like a lot of us. he didn’t mention HBU, but with these pictures, i can see the vision. thanks for posting this!

Heath Harris 6y

My pleasure, Mr. Alaska. Spread the word – Homeward Bound!

George Murrow 7mo

to tell you my story, you would never believe the half of this. my name is General Bebo T Hope a self appointed seven star General of God’s Army. The ‘Amish Hobo’ Jeremiah and I put the cornerstone on the Hobo university in October 2009. by December I was deported to an apartment on the south side of the university. but… before leaving I raised the flagship on the tent City(an actual tent city in Downtown St Louis right below the parking lots for the foortball stadium, fact I herd they wanna tear down the original university and put a 200 million dollar football stadium for a losing football team and occasional joyce Meyers convention, just jokin ms joyce. instead of givin me that monies and fixin the building for the rightful owners the homeless of the central states of America!! go figure) . As the head chef and bottle washer and coffee conussuer I helped the owne,r Mr Green, & two off duty st louis finests design and almost implemented it a ‘Whispering Winds Retreat’ (details laid out in web site
Now I am a disabled veteran service connected disbilitys drawing a slim to none pension the army gives us but…
the rest of the story is unfolding before your eyes as I am resurrecting the plans and either a double vision on Lake of the ozrks area and st. Louis Missouri kinda a town n country retreats. for the homeless veterans and other homeless folks and right now I need your funds and dollars and pennies and gold to build this ship with wheels and legs to stand on. we can bring Mr Greens dream to life. over the past 7 years I have built this computer center hub I call it the International Headqurters of the Hobo Univercity. we are located on the shores of the Lake here in Climax Springs, Missouri have signed many soldiers into God’s Army since I left St louis so please call 5736470599 and we can chat a bit. as mr Bojanges can dance . God grant us Peace in our lives this day and forward.
In Jesus Name

we surrender all
General Bebo The Hope
111 High Street
Climax Spring, Mo 65324

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Taken on March 10, 2009

Some rights reserved

Nikon D40

18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

18.3 mm
Flash (off, did not fire)


Columbus Square, St. Louis, Missouri

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